Teeniest fungi I have ever seen! 

But I wonder what it is? Just really wanted to share this little cutie I found tonight! It has the teeniest weeniest gills that I saw only with the hand lens. Growing on moss on a Castanea sativa. 

My evening routine goes something along the lines of: bath Oscar and put him to bed, wash dishes, do any other chores that need doing, walk the dogs round the arboretum (and find and admire fungi to photograph and look at), bounce on my trampoline (yes I really do bounce up and down like a crazy lady to try and lose weight). And wash. And sleep. Although come October I will be studying again so less posts from me… and perhaps less bouncing. 

So tonight when I walked the dogs and looked at fungi I felt a bit annoyed that I didn’t take my camera, and that my phone had died. I couldn’t take any fungi photos! But I did see this amazing little chap you see above! I wonder what it is?? 

I also saw lots of russula, (still haven’t a clue which species they all are), lots of Agaricus xanthodermus, (love the smell of those simple but wonderful yellow stainers!) Boletus sp., the humble beginnings of Laetiporus sulphureus, freshly fruiting  Meripilus giganteus, and lots more freshly kicked mushrooms. Yes, freshly kicked. It’s a tourist attraction and it’s the school holidays. Hey it’s prime time to destroy the nature around you! People seem to find joy in smashing the granny out of fungi like it is nothing. I get rather emotional about that. I mean there was smooshed ‘shrooms everywhere this evening. Why?! Parents of Kew- don’t let your kids do it! And stop letting them chase geese and stressing the wildlife out! Set an example dammit! 

Rant over.

Seen anything new today?

L -x-


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